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October 2015

Current Happenings

This blog post is about to be a lot more personal than my previous one. I would like to give a few updates on what is going on in my crazy busy life.


Well I survived my first midterm here at college. I cannot believe how fast this year is going. I have learned a lot so far in my time here. My favorite class is definitely HDFS 102. In this class we were able to observe the childcare center here on campus and write a paper about it. This class is about the development in children and I am always comparing the terms we are taught to my own life.

On a completely different note about school, I am also apartment searching. Although living in the dorms has been just fine so far, I think I am more open to the idea of living in an apartment next year. I have learned that apartment searching can be extremely stressful. It’s kind of scary not knowing where I will be living a year from now! I am hoping that my mom or other family members will be willing to apartment search with me. *hint hint*

Social Life:

Now onto a more fun and exciting topic. This is my first Iowa State homecoming! This weekend I will be extremely busy. I am most excited for the game and seeing how everyone shows up dressed, considering the game is on Halloween this year. Other events besides the game that I am looking forward to include: the ISU pep rally on Friday along with fireworks at the campanile!


When you think of a typical job a college student might get you would often think of something lifeless and boring. Not all jobs in college are, though. Fortunately I have been blessed with not one but two amazing jobs here in college.

The first job that I got is being a caller for the Iowa 4-H Foundation. I know that being a “telemarketer” actually does sound boring but in this case, not at all. I get paid to talk on the phone for three hours with past 4-Her’s who love to talk and share their best 4-H memories.

My other job is working in Nevada at the Nevada Community Resource Center. This job is always keeping me on my toes. I am constantly learning new techniques of both teaching and discipline that I will be able to use in my very own classroom someday. Every single day that I work there is completely different! These young children are always finding new ways to entertain us workers, and sometimes even push us to our limits! The cute little sayings and art projects they make for me are the best parts of my job. I am so very grateful for this job and look forward to it every time I go into work. Most people know that I am not a morning person but it makes it much easier to get up at 5 am when you love your job.

Who would have thought that my longest category written about would have been work? Just goes to show how amazing college can be! Although I miss home and my old routine, I have no regrets whatsoever about coming to Ames and attending Iowa State University.


Getting Started

5 reasons why I am starting a blog:

1.College updates-

Many of my family members are wondering how I am doing here at college. Not very often do I get the chance to personally talk to everyone. College can be a busy time and it is difficult to keep everyone who cares updated on what you are up to.

2.To Live A More Intentional Life

Writing my thoughts and experiences down will give me a better self conception. This will help me to set goals on how I want to be perceived. If I write down my own thoughts, ideas, and experiences then I will be seeing my everyday improvements, or even my retrogression. This can provide a way for me to evaluate my life and try to develop new habits to positively  change it.

3.To Become A Better Thinker

The process of writing requires you to think through your thoughts. If I wrote down all of my initial thoughts, my writings would be even more messier than they already are. Writing is a good form of creating a better thought process.

4.To Improve My Writing Skills

It is no surprise that college requires a lot of writing in the assignments. College requires writing on a daily basis. If I have practice writing things that I enjoy writing about then writing for assignments will come more naturally. I also believe that writing can help to spark creativity. It is often difficult for me to become creative.

5.To Have A Personal Journal

A lot of times something important or just funny will happen and I will later forget. This is a way to always be able to go back and reminisce on the good days or funny moments.

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