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November 2015

Friday Five: Relatable and Inspirational Quotes

Here is a little bit of inspiration to get you thinking over the weekend!



Never make decisions based off of what other’s think. Base your decisions off of what you think. Also, speak up for yourself. No one’s opinions are better than anyone else’s, they’re just different. Once you have this mastered, you will begin to feel more confidence in yourself.



This quote can be related to just about anything; break ups, graduation, old friendships, etc. Who would have known that a Dr. Suess quote could be so relatable? So often we get upset when a great thing ends but what we forget is that it ever happened and we need to be grateful for that.



Never get stuck over something in the past. Learn from your mistakes and create a better future. The future is yours, own it.



I have always been a huge fan of this quote. It is so true. A positive mind and confidence is half of the battle.



Like I had mentioned before, the future of your own life is in your hands. Make the best of it while you can!


Feel free to share any of your own favorite inspirational quotes. Spread some goodness in the world. 🙂


You know you’re over this semester when…

It’s that time of the year where you have just had enough of the semester. It is time for a change and time for a break first.

Signs that you are over this semester:

1.You take advantage of every nap time you can get.


2.Taking notes in class starts turning into this:


3.All of your outfits start to include one or more of the following: yogas, sweatpants, or a sweatshirt.e34ebf532e97b9569b37c03e178f8532.jpg

4.You reward yourself for every small thing you accomplish.treatyoself.jpg

5.You have loads to do but end up just doing absolutely nothing instead with any free time given. 650889.PNG

6.You have calculated the minimum exam score you can get in order to still pass the class.


7.You see the words “assigned reading” and think, “good, no homework tonight.”


8.You spend more time watching netflix than you do on homework.


9.Coffee is the only thing ever keeping you going.


10.The thought of Christmas being so close is the only thing keeping you going.


What’s Up Wednesday #2

Wednesday already? Wow does time ever fly. It is almost break, we’ve got this guys!

Here we go with another What’s Up Wednesday post.

What Have I Been Up To?

This past week I have been real sick. If you look up at my bed, it looks like a mummy sleeps here with all of the toilet paper and paper towels laying next to my pillow. Lately all I have done is sit in bed and try to get better! I went home this Monday to head to the doctor and it was nice being able to spend time with my family. It made me even more ready for Thanksgiving break! I did have to miss work two days so far this week. Although I am upset about it, I am glad that I didn’t spread the sickness to any of the little ones!

What Am I Listening To?

Justin Bieber just released his new album, Purpose. I am really enjoying listening to his new stuff. He also released new tour dates and I was excited to see that he will be in Des Moines this summer again! I just might have to drag someone along to it..

What Have I Been Learning/Doing In School Lately?

It’s a hard question to answer, “what have I been learning in class?” It’s hard because who really knows what is happening in Chemistry. Definitely not me. BUT, I go to class and participate and receive points. That’s all that matters.

In HDFS 102, I am currently studying for an exam tomorrow morning. I am not sure how I feel about this upcoming exam but we will see how it goes tomorrow! Also in that class I have a paper due in a few weeks. It is an assignment where I have to interview two different people, of different ages, about developmental questions and topics. So if anyone would like to be my interviewee, feel free to volunteer! It can be over Skype, in person, or even just over the phone. Whichever works best for you!

Now for CI, we do not have tests or final exams. You might think this makes this class less stressful, but that is not the case. I am currently working on a project over the Sioux City school district. If you know anything about the school district feel free to share any information you have. Or if you know anyone who might be helpful, feel free to connect us with that person!

What Have I Been Watching?

Honestly there has been no time for watching much of anything! I still try to watch 90210 when I can, which the past couple of days has been a few times with being sick and all. There is one thing I am very excited to watch, Elf! Also, I am hoping this weekend that my grandma will be able to make it down here and possibly go see the new Hunger Games movie that is just coming out!

What Am I Looking Forward To?

I am definitely looking forward to the weekend! I am ready to start feeling better, have my exam over with, and be closer to going home for a short break. I am also ready to get back to work. I miss all of the kiddos. The money would be helpful as well with Christmas coming up so fast!

Feel free to leave comments, I truly enjoy reading them and seeing who reads my posts. The prompt question for this blog is, “what are you most looking forward to this Thanksgiving?” Please leave your answer below in the comments. 🙂


What’s Up Wednesday

Oh hey there, what’s up?

I heard about What’s Up Wednesday posts through the blogging world and thought I would give it a try!

What I’m Loving

1) Fall: The fall is so gorgeous here on campus. There is a reason that Iowa State was rated as the #5 most beautiful campus!

2) Mail: One thing college students love getting is mail. The other day I received two care packages and I felt like a little girl on Christmas morning!

3) Work: I know I talk about it all the time, probably too much actually. But really though, I love my job! Both of them. I love being able to talk with former 4-H’ers and hear about the experiences they had and how they differed from my own. I also really enjoy my days spent at the center. Spending time with kids is a good escape from the “real” world. I also took a babysitting gig with a family that has three children last night. This was my first time working with a special needs child. It was great to have this experience and the family was great!

What I’m Dreading

The only thing I am dreading at the moment really is knowing final exams are creeping up on us. I am getting nervous but I am ready to start a new semester.

What I’m Watching

I can blame this one on my roommate Rebecca. She has me stuck on 90210! This show is all about the drama of high school. Luckily it is a bit more dramatic than where I grew up, it has me feeling extremely thankful for that! (If you watch it, you know what I mean.)

What I’m Listening To

I still have yet to figure out any of the radio stations here in Ames. This means a lot of Pandora.

I am excited about Adele’s new song, “Hello”. Definitely guilty of belting this one out in the car. No shame.

What I’m Up To This Weekend

This weekend I am looking forward to a girls night with my roommate on Friday! I am excited about going to Ledges State Park this Saturday. Sunday will most likely be studying, laundry, and homework. I will be preparing for my HDFS test and getting stuff done before Thanksgiving break in a couple of weeks!

Before ending this post I would like to give a huge shoutout to my grandma Sheila!

Fall About Me

Fall about me is a blog post that I had noticed on several bloggers sites. I love fall and thought I would give it a try!

Favorite fall scent:

Living in a college dorm, we are not able to have candles. Using scentsy warmers is a great alternative to using an open flame candle. My favorite scent that I have been using this year is Cinnamon! Shoutout to my grandma for the awesome cyclone scentsy warmer in my dorm room.

Favorite fall fragrance:

Crisp apple and vibrant poppy by Victoria’s Secret is my fall fragrance! The crisp apple smell is perfect for fall.


Favorite fall beverage:

Although I am a huge coffee and cappuccino drinker, I would have to say hot apple cider. Just thinking about fall always has me excited for apple orchards and eating caramel apples and drinking hot cider!

Favorite Thanksgiving food:

Mashed potatoes is hands down my favorite. There is no shame in the amount that I will be putting on my plate.


Favorite fall memory:

I have a ton of favorite fall memories so I will make it more specific and say Thanksgiving memory. One thing that I get really excited about on Thanksgiving is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I’m not sure when I started this tradition with my family but it is one of those small things that is a big deal to me. So excited to go home for break this Thanksgiving and share this with my family again!

Favorite fall pie:

Hands down, pumpkin pie. There is no question about it. Also, you cannot forget the whipped cream!


Favorite fall outfit:

My favorite fall outfit is pretty basic. Sweater, skinny jeans, leg warmers, and boots. Leggings are also a must in the fall. Comfort is always a good choice!

Hope you enjoyed reading and feel free to share your fall favorites as well. Happy fall y’all!


What an adventurous weekend. Not only was it Halloween this weekend but it was also my first ever Iowa State homecoming. The cyclones were able to pull out a win and also shut out the Longhorns! #hauntthehorns


School: This week I have things to dread and things to look forward to. This Thursday is my second chemistry exam. Wish me luck, I might need it! Also, I am beginning to create my schedule for next semester. Already? I can’t believe how fast this year is going so far. For today I had to read an article over bullying and write a paper over it. This article was extremely interesting and evaluated how we study bullying. It proposed an idea of studying the sociology of bullying rather than the psychology of it. Reading these articles open my eyes which will be highly beneficial when working in a school or even in the daycare! This article also had mentioned the documentary, “Bully.” This stood out because my sister Hallie and I were fortunate to have met David and Tina Long from this movie! Here is little throwback from a few years ago when we met them. What an amazing experience!


Work: This week I will be kept busy with work while I am not in school. I have just started working at the center on Mondays starting today. I am so excited to be able to add on another day at the center. I truly do love every single minute spent there! A couple of funny quotes I heard today included, “My throat was really bumpy,”  and “not all moons are yellow, not the bloody ones.” The funny things they say just make my day!

Social life: When I am not studying or working, believe it or not, I do find time to have a social life. Us college kids are masters at cramming as much as we can in a day so we do not miss a thing. Halloween/Homecoming was an absolute blast! My best friend Jordan was able to come for the game and we had a blast cheering on the cyclones.


That night we also had a great time dressing up and hanging out with new friends! Here is a picture of Ryan and I. Can you guess who we are supposed to be? Here’s a clue: “We go together like rama lama lama ka ding-ity ding de dong!” YEP. Danny and Sandy. “Tell me about it, stud.”



Well that is about all I have for updates so far this week. I hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween weekend!

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