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December 2015

Christmas Recap

Another Christmas has come and gone. Christmas is so fun leading up to it but then it comes and goes all too quickly! This Christmas was special as always. I spent time with lots of family, ate some delicious food, and had fun watching everyone open presents.

On Christmas eve, our family got new pajamas and some candy and popcorn for a fun Christmas eve movie night. All of us did not make it through the whole movie as we were exhausted from such a long, fun day! We had been playing games and then went to Church together to remind everyone of why we celebrate Christmas. The next morning Aiden was up at 3 am ready for santa. We ended up opening presents at about 5 or 6 am that morning!

My time spent with family is much more appreciated now that it isn’t often that I see them. It was such a good time to be back and with all of the family. Everyone is living such fast paced and busy lives now between work and their own little families and lives. This makes the time all spent together that much more special. Below are a couple of pictures of Bree and I being silly over break. She is so my little mini me complete with sass and all. I have even been asked if we are sisters a time or two!

We were also able to go up North to see family we only see about once or twice a year. We were able to meet our newest cousin baby Connor. This Christmas was enjoyed by watching football, sharing delicious food, and playing the dice game, a Dufresne tradition. A funny moment from the dice game included one of our youngest cousins Brady crying hysterically when someone stole his mom’s present during the dice game. He apparently does not like the idea of stealing gifts. That is not the game for him at his age! The ride to and from was also one of the highlights of the day as I was able to spend time with my aunt Kerri, Derek, and Hallie. Hallie and I, of course, took goofy Olaf pictures. Would you expect anything less from the two of us?

Along with just laughing at one another and with one another, we did have time to bond over some delicious food. As a future FOODS teacher I am always thinking of how fun it would be to cook certain foods in my classes. There is no doubt that I will have a holiday section as part of my curriculum in those classes. I feel like it is important to learn how to cook traditional holiday foods. I know that I wish I would have learned and payed more attention to that when I took foods class my senior year.

Presents are not the main reason for Christmas but it is still fun to receive and even more fun to give them. It was fun to get to see everyone open their gifts. This years top gift moments were watching mom and Aiden open their gifts. One of Aiden’s gifts from grandma was his new tablet. He is very into technology and it was great seeing his face light up and eyes get big when I opened it. Another fun one to watch was the new vivofit I had gotten mom. She opened it and goes, “is it real?” What a goofball. I am also very thankful for what I have gotten for Christmas. I am the type who gets upset when people spend money on me and get me stuff so I don’t always come off as thankful but I hope everyone knows that I truly am! I even got a very sweet Christmas card from a random 4-Her in Iowa. It was so nice of him to send Christmas cards to us board members on the foundation.



Today I spent the day shopping with Jayla and Hallie.(I know, brave huh?) While shopping we went to Victoria’s Secret for their semi annual sale. I used some money from gifts to buy these new sweatshirts. It was fun to be able to spend some time with my sisters while also using up Christmas gift cards and money! I am so blessed to have two sisters who will make me laugh and go on shopping adventures with me.


Overall this was one of the best Christmases I have had yet. As you get older, the magic of Christmas seems to fade but the true meaning starts to become more clear. I see Christmas and the holiday season as a time to grow closer and make memories with your family. This Christmas we did exactly that.



Tuesday Talks

The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.- Audrey Hepburn

Once you are enjoying life, you won’t have time to be down. Of course life has it’s moments but we get past them with good company and good faith.

Lately I have been enjoying life in many ways. Through great friendships, connections, and new experiences. I am excited for a new semester with new beginnings. I am also excited to be going home today to see my family. Without the support of my family, I would not be here enjoying my life. I am sad to be leaving Ames but I look forward to being back with my family for a while!

What I Have Been Up To This Break:

So far this break I have spent a lot of time Christmas shopping, working, and packing for home. With just a few days left until Christmas, I am finally done with my Christmas shopping! When I am not spending all of my money, I am busy at work. I don’t really like to call my job “work.” My job is more than just a place I go to and make money. I am passionate about my job and that is the way it should be! I have also been busy with the families I help out with. This weekend I had a great time in Ankeny with the girls I babysit there. They are always so upbeat and energetic! I will definitely miss them over break but look forward to hopefully seeing them soon after I get back!

What I Am Looking Forward To This Week:

Christmas is Friday!! This is the least “Christmasy”that I have ever felt. Between being a college student and the fact that there is yet to be any snow on the ground here, it’s hard to believe Christmas is this week! Maybe once I am home with my family it will feel more like it. I am excited for Christmas movies, games, and cookie decorating with everyone. My favorite holiday tradition with my family is making our sugar cookie cutout cookies and decorating them all together!


What’s your favorite holiday tradition with your family?

It’s A Wrap!

Today marks the end of my first college semester. The feeling of relief is so real right now.

I am FINALLY done with Chemistry. I never thought that class would end. We took our final today and I am not sure how to feel about it… but I am glad it is over with and break is finally here!

Me during my chemistry final.

We get near a month for Christmas break. This gives me lots of time to see family, friends, and go to work. This break is going to be crazy busy but so worth every minute.

I am starting off my break with helping a family in Madrid tonight. The family is great and I love being able to help them out. Their oldest daughter has epilepsy and they also have two other young kids. The mom is the sweetest and I am so grateful that she has given me the opportunity to get to know and help out the family.

Tomorrow will be a bit less stressful than today. Tomorrow I work at the NCRC. I am so excited to see their smiling faces. Fridays are always full of energy and fun. I am sure that I will hear all about the new Star Wars movie! I am also very excited to go caroling and hang out at Taylor’s house after work tomorrow! It was her birthday and she is having over some friends. We are going caroling in ugly Christmas sweaters, because that’s what college kids do for their birthdays right? Sorry in advance to anyone who has to hear me sing tomorrow…

Saturday is going to be my much needed lazy day. I plan to sleep in and watch Christmas movies in my newly brightened room. How cool are these lights?? After I have bummed around all day, I will be headed to Ankeny to babysit for one of my favorite families! Have I mentioned how much I love the families I babysit for?! They are basically my families away from home. Both of the moms from each family even texted me before finals saying good luck. How great is that?


The rest of break will be full of Christmas parties with the fam and then back to work in Nevada for a week before classes start back up again!

I have high expectations for next semester. I am hoping that I can pass all my classes with high B’s and above, do well in my jobs, and maintain good friendships with the lovely people I have met already!

This semester has flown by so fast. I am so grateful for the amazing friends I have met, my job that I love, the families I have gotten to know, the support from my family back home, and for being an Iowa State student. I wouldn’t want it any other way!


It wouldn’t be a typical blog post of mine without an inspirational quote! I have found this quote to be quite relevant. All it takes is a new outlook on life and a few positive changes to make yourself happy.


What’s Up Wednesday #4

It is Wednesday of dead week. Can you believe I have found time to create a blog post? I can. It is just one more way I can procrastinate.

What Is Something I Am Excited About?

Today my sister sent me a snapchat saying she is the new District 2 FCCLA Secretary. As a future FCCLA adviser and big sister, I am so excited for her!!! She is only in 7th grade and has already made a huge accomplishment. FCCLA is an amazing organization to gain leadership skills and learn so much more. The district meeting my junior year was a huge step in FCCLA for me when I became the District 2 President. FCCLA is a huge passion of mine and will even be a part of my career. I cannot explain how excited I am for Hallie to have accomplished the role of a District officer! She should be very proud of herself, because I know I am proud of her! Way to represent N-K FCCLA!


What Am I Doing In School?

This week is my first ever dead week of college. I have officially completed half of my classes.. what a relief! As of now I only have one day of classes and then the weekend before finals. It’s not too late to send Becca and I care packages.. just throwing that out there. 😉 tumblr_inline_nfwt0ztFXZ1r80ogn

What Am I Up To With Work?

Lately work has been pretty much the same but I am very excited for next semester. Next semester I am going to be very busy. Along with my near 17 credits, I will also be working everyday. Although it is going to be a lot going to work, class, then work again all in one day, I am super excited. I love my job and would not want to have it any other way!

What Am I Looking Forward To?

Of course I am looking forward to next week coming and getting over with so it can be break. BUT, I am also super excited for one of my favorite people’s birthdays! Taylor’s birthday is Monday and I am so excited that we are going to an ISU men’s basketball game this weekend!

Hubert H. Humphrey once said, “The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.” I am so happy to have met a friend like Taylor here at ISU. We do everything together and could not function without one another. Maybe that’s why our schedules are identical for next semester? 

Feel free to comment below. It’s always good to see what people have to say! The prompt for this week is, “What’s something you are looking forward to in the next week?”

Friday Five:People’s Choice Edition

January 6th is the People’s Choice Awards. I thought it would be fun to pick my favorites and see what everyone else thought. Feel free to comment your top picks for any of the categories.


Avengers: Age of Ultron, Furious 7, Inside Out, Jurassic World, Pitch Perfect 2

You might be surprised at my pick for this category. After watching Furious 7, I truly believe it deserves the recognition on this. All of the actors were phenomenal.cb1spbdxiaax-lv-large.jpg


Anne Hathaway, Melissa McCarthy, Meryl Streep, Sandra Bullock, Scarlett Johansson

This category was the most difficult to choose for me. Every single one of these women are amazing actresses. No matter what the outcome of this one is, I will be happy. Sandra Bullock is such a beautiful woman, inside and out. At age 51, Sandra has not aged a bit since her early acting career.



Dr. Oz, Ellen DeGeneres, Rachael Ray, Steve Harvey, Wendy Williams

This choice was a no brainer for me. Ellen is such a funny, kind hearted and upbeat person. The other options are all successful as well but Ellen has to win this in my opinion. Below is a video from her show yesterday. Ellen is the most selfless person and here is just another example to prove that.


Charlize Theron, Emily Blunt, Michelle Rodriguez, Scarlett Johansson, Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley has been one of my favorite actresses since the first season of Secret Life of The American Teenager. I am so glad she made a come back with the Divergent Series and The Fault In Our Stars. She played the main female role in both of those hit movies. I did a little research on the actress and was surprised to see that both of her parents work in schools. According to Wikipedia, her mother is a middle school counselor and her dad is a school principal.



Bates Motel,The Fosters, Pretty Little Liars, Rizzoli & Isles Suits

This one was easy for me. Mainly because I haven’t actually gotten into the other choices at all. I feel like Pretty Little Liars has the largest fan base of these 4, so I am guessing they have a high chance at winning this category. ABC Family just renewed The Fosters for a fourth season.



What’s Up Wednesday #3

It’s Wednesday so we all know what that means. It’s time for another What’s Up Wednesday blog post!

What was the best part about Thanksgiving?

Getting to spend a generous amount of time with some of my favorite people in this world was the best part about break. We spent so much time together that involved games, laughing, and sharing wonderful food.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 12.29.26 PM

What Am I Watching?

It is the best time of the year for Christmas movie lovers. There is no doubt that my tv will be switching back and forth from the Hallmark channel to ABC’s 25 Days of Christmas all throughout the month of December.

What Am I Up To In School?

These next few weeks before Christmas break are insane. This week has been crazy. I started off Monday with finishing my final paper for HDFS. Shoutout to Hallie and Grandma Sheila for being my interviewees and research subjects! This paper took a lot out of me as it ended up being nearly 14 pages long. This will make my next two papers due next week feel like a breeze. I also finished one of my classes for the semester and am excited to be finishing with Library next week!

What Am I Up To In My Social Life?

This week was our FCEDS club’s Christmas party. We played a gift exchange game where I ended up with a Rice Crispie bar that was half the size of me. Somehow I don’t doubt that I will have it gone in a week. We also were to wear ugly Christmas sweaters. Who doesn’t get excited over ugly Christmas sweaters?! Mine was actually super cute with a penguin on it! One of the many great things you can find at good ole WallyWorld.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 12.48.58 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 12.50.27 PM

What Am I Looking Forward To?

This week I am looking forward to work at the end of this week and lots of relaxing over the weekend. On a bigger scale, I am looking forward to finishing my first semester classes and having a nice long break filled with family, friends, and lot’s of Christmas goodies! 

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”-Theodore Roosevelt

This quote is extremely relevant with finals coming up and all other obstacles people are facing. Confidence is half of the battle in most situations. In order to succeed you need to first believe in yourself. It is important to have confidence in everything you do.

The What’s Up Wednesday question for this blog post is, “What was your favorite memory from the Thanksgiving weekend?” Comment your answer below!

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