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March 2016

Roam Sweet Roam

It is no secret that I am travel obsessed. I love the idea of seeing new things and exploring new places. Spring Break was the perfect time for just that!

A few months before spring break, my plan was to stay in Ames and work all week to pick up more hours. Although I would have been totally fine with that, when the offer of taking a road trip came up, I couldn’t resist. Brad had mentioned the thought of a road trip and I thought, why not? It is college after all. Brad is very into nature and outdoorsy stuff. I am very into bigger cities and touring. After many different cities and states were brought up, we finally came up with a compromised plan for the both of us.

We began our trip right away on Saturday morning. We left at 2 am to ensure that we would make it to Nashville on time for a concert. 


Our first stop in Nashville was the Hard Rock Cafe for a very delicious lunch!
Had a blast at the Dierks Bentley Interview/Acoustic Performance!
Mango gelato from a Nashville candy shop!

Sunday was spent in Nashville as well. We did not have any plans for this day so we made it up as we went along! The Opry Mills mall was not too terribly far from our hotel so we decided to spend the day there. We didn’t shop for much but we did have fun looking around, taking photos in a photo booth(which Brad turned into Easter photos by accidentally hitting the Easter filter, lol), and trying new places to eat!

How convenient that when we got to the mall, the only store open was Brad’s favorite? 😉
For lunch we debated on the Rainforest Cafe or the Aquarium at the mall. Both of us wanted to try something new and we went with the underwater dining adventure. The food was great and the view was fun!
For supper we decided to reminisce on our childhoods and headed to Chuck E Cheese. Who doesn’t love some good pizza and skeeball?!

Monday was a travel/touring day. The original plan was to just head to Tifton, Georgia and sleep before the next day. At the last minute we had decided to check out Chattanooga, Tennessee on the way. It turned out to be one of the best days of the trip! We ended up touring Ruby Falls and adventuring over to Rock City. 

Our first stop in Chattanooga was Ruby Falls. Ruby Falls is a two hour cave tour that leads to a waterfall.
This was at the halfway point of our cave tour. We were able to see the huge waterfall in the cave.
After the gorgeous tour of the falls we headed to Rock City.
I fit through the “Fat Man Squeeze!”
We had bought matching rain jackets for our Rock City tour but the rain stopped when we were just getting started on the tour. It ended up to be a gorgeous day!
There are 7 states’ flags on display that correspond to the 7 states that you are able to see from the mountain!
Lover’s leap had such a gorgeous view! They even turned the water green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day!



Tuesday morning we had left Tifton, Georgia early in the morning to head to our final destination, Rainbow Springs. Rainbow Springs National Park is a state park where we set up our tent to camp for a couple of nights(yes, I did survive despite the many lizards and roaming turtles). We saw many beautiful views and spent lots of time outdoors while here!

We drove over to the Headsprings the first day we got to Florida for some hiking and swimming!
Seeing this sign had me a little nervous of going swimming but Brad eventually talked me into it!
The water of Rainbow River is all completely clear! Can see the bottom perfectly.
Brad finally got me to jump in the water… and by jump in I mean hop onto a floaty.
After we had enough of swimming for the day we decided to do a bit of hiking. This is just one of the MANY waterfalls we saw while hiking.
One of the many reasons I love Florida.
I was definitely enjoying the beauty that is nature while on this trip!
Our second day in Florida was full of kayaking down the Rainbow River! Only passed by three alligators and a ten foot long snake in the water. I would say it was a successful day!
The weather was perfect for a day of kayaking. 80s and partly sunny. I even managed to get sunburnt, imagine that.
After kayaking had worn us out and our tent was too hot to rest in we hopped in the car and turned on some A/C. We had no idea what we wanted to do or where to go. We took out our phones and started googling different things in the area to do. Brad came across a concert just 40 miles away from our campsite. We thought, “hey why not?”
The concert wasn’t until night so we decided to do a bit of touring on the University of Florida’s campus! It is much different from Iowa States. Very beautiful, but I don’t think I will be transferring anytime soon!
I couldn’t just pass by the baseball fields, I had to check them out!
The concert was amazing! It was a Hunter Hayes concert with Cassadee Pope from Blake Shelton’s team on The Voice. I cannot take credit for this picture, I found it on Cassadee Pope’s instagram, although it was from the show we saw. I did manage to fill my phone up with videos, though!


Thursday was spent driving back from Florida to Atlanta, Georgia. We drove most of the day and then went straight to the hotel to rest for another day of driving Friday. Friday we were headed to Marion, Illinois to rest up for the end of the drive on Saturday. It was my turn to drive Friday and I saw an exit for Metropolis. I could not pass it up and it gave us some time out of the car. Metropolis has a lot of meaning to me because it was a stop on an FCCLA trip that had inspired our club a lot that year! We found the statues and took pictures around the city!


Overall, the trip was definitely worth the long hours in the car! We made the most of our week that felt like it flew way too fast. It was an amazing time but I do admit that it feels great to be back in Ames. I am excited to get back to work tomorrow and to get back into the swing of things. We only have a little over a month left of classes and the first year of college will be over before we know it! 

Also, how great is it that the Cyclones have made it to the Sweet 16?! It has been fun cheering them on so far and I can’t wait for the game Friday! 


Off The Face

Hello all!

It appears that I have fallen off the face of the earth by my lack of blogging but I am here to tell you that all is well!

I apologize for not keeping up on my blog for those that do read it. This new semester has been keeping me busy with no time for blogging. I am working every day, twice a day, with classes in between. This may sound like a lot but I am loving every minute of it. School is going well for me this semester. I am taking lots of classes that I will be needing for when I teach and I thoroughly find them interesting!

There’s not a whole lot of newness from this semester other than new classes and more working. I did have one minor change, though. I recently moved to first floor in my building. The transition went well and I am loving my new home!

As I had said previously, it is hard to find time to sit down and write on my blog. I am hoping that with the semester ending in a couple of months I will be able to write more.

And now since I have time to sit down and write, I plan to begin writing my Spring Break blog, so keep on the lookout for that here soon!

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