Monday’s are manic and let’s be honest they suck a bit. Here is my list of some things that I am currently enjoying. Hopefully they can motivate you to enjoy the little moments during the week. Enjoy!

Watch- My show at the moment is, of course, The Bachelor. My top pick is Danielle M., the nurse! Who is your top pick?



Listen- I recently saw Moana in theaters and instantly fell in love with the Moana Soundtrack. It is a must see Disney movie!

Read- Do textbooks count? I have been too busy getting back into the school groove again. I would love any suggestions of what to read next, though!

Quote- I find this quote relevant with the new year as well as a new semester! The first step to reaching our goals is to actually get started.psycheplays_quotes_get-started.jpg

Hope everyone’s Monday is as relaxing as mine on this snow day!