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February 2017

15 Day Blogging Challenge. Day 6.

Well I hope no one gave up on me. After some crazy busy days and WordPress being down, I am back.

Day 6: What are you afraid of?


I am afraid of failing classes.

I am afraid of failing my friends.

I am afraid of failing/letting down my family.

I am afraid of failing my future career and aspirations.

What if I get an F on this exam? What if my friends realize they are better off without me? What if my family isn’t proud of me? What if I’m not good enough to work in this field? These are questions I ask myself often. I know I cannot possibly be the only one thinking these things. I also know that I am silly for believing any doubts I might have.

Sometimes I forget that failure is okay. Failure is inevitable. It is how we learn and how we are able to improve. This is something I am still trying to learn and come to terms with.

p.s. Sorry about the depressing post. I really didn’t do that on purpose.


15 Day Blogging Challenge. Day 5.

Day 5: Your Proudest Moment

Well.. I can tell you what isn’t my proudest moment.

My proudest moment ISN’T the other day while going to Hampton, Iowa with my best friend and sobbing but then laughing because life just really gets you sometimes.

This past week was rough, hence the reason I skipped out on writing on here so much.

It started off just being stressful because I had 4 exams in one week. I can handle that. well 3 of the 4 anyway.

It then came to needing new tires. I guess I can handle that. at some point anyway.. now is not that time!

And then next came needing a new phone and also having to start being an adult and paying my own phone bill each month along with purchasing the new phone. I suppose I will have to handle that.

I kept up with these series of unfortunate events all weekend. but guess what? I handled it.

So basically, the last few days have NOT been my proudest of moments. But taking all of these things along with other issues going on, and being able to overcome it and deal with them is in fact, some of my proudest moments. Life can be a mess but it is all in how you deal with it.

15 Day Blogging Challenge. Day 4.

Day 4: Dream Job

This is actually a day late, but that’s because I have four exams this week and have been stressing over them!

As of ten minutes ago, I am now halfway done with my exams for this week!

All of this studying and learning new materials will have be prepared for my dream job!

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to become a teacher.

It was not until my senior year that I had officially decided that teaching was the route I would take and it wasn’t until summer before freshman year of college that I decided on teaching Family and Consumer Sciences.

It had always been in my mind throughout high school because I enjoyed every single one of my FACS classes. I think my favorite part of FACS classes are that all of the content are things I will ACTUALLY use in real life, beyond the classroom. This makes it easy for others to want to learn and to want to be in your classroom.

My dream job is to become a Family and Consumer Sciences Educator and that is what I am on track to be. How lucky am I?!

15 Day Blogging Challenge. Day 3.

Day 3: Favorite Quote


I would hate to post my own take on it because I don’t want to limit other’s interpretations. Take it as you will!

This quote has been my favorite for a while. I have this quote on a necklace and even have a phone case with this quote!

Feel free to share your favorite quotes below!

15 Day Blogging Challenge. Day 2.

Day 2: 20 Facts About Yourself

1.I am an editing freak. I notice every little grammatical error that comes out of anyone’s mouth. Sorry mom.

2.I am majoring in Family and Consumer Sciences and no one ever knows what that is. Once I use the old term, Home Ec, then everyone seems to know.

3.I work with children 7 days a week and love it.

4.I turn 21 this summer… can’t wait to go to KC with my girls!


5.I’ve always known that I wanted to become a teacher but did not decide FCS until right before freshmen orientation.

6.My favorite musical of all time is Grease.

7.I am obsessed with pizza. Especially Casey’s pizza. Now I am hungry.

8.My favorite pastime is walking around Target.

9.I lettered in high school baseball. Yes, baseball. Not softball.

10.I am the first one in my family to ever attend Iowa State.

11.I am deathly afraid of mice. Ask Chandra.

12.I have been to DisneyWorld four times and plan to go another 10 times at the very least. (I am also very hopeful.)


13.I once dyed my hair red.


14.I gave up pop nearly ten years ago and that is the biggest commitment I have ever had.

15.I wish I had a talent… like singing or being able to draw. Instead, I sound like a dying horse and I cannot even draw a stick person.

16.I travelled to Spain in high school and I cannot wait to go back someday.


17.I met my childhood crush, Jake T. Austin.


18.I cannot live without coffee. Okay that is an exaggeration… but coffee makes living way easier.


19.I took piano lessons for two years but can’t play anything other than hot cross buns.

20.I just got done watching the Cyclone’s kick some serious butt from the comfort of my couch.



15 Day Blogging Challenge. Day 1.


Day 1: The name of my blog has no cute story or big meaning behind it. Anyone who knows me, knows I am not creative in the slightest. Although, my other blog’s title is a little more interesting than this one. If you don’t follow my other blog, it is called Fashionably Kate. One day I was thinking about the term fashionably late and thought hey why not change it to Kate?! So that was how I came up with the title of my other blog!

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