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15 Day Blogging Challenge. Day 15

Day 15: Where Will You Be In 5 Years?

1 year from now: the goal is to be finishing out my Junior year of college

2 years: I will be just about finished with my college career and finishing out the end of my student teaching! (Will need to make a plan for living arrangements, SCARY!)

3 years: This will be the end of the first year in my first teaching job!

4 years: I will have improved my teaching within my second year and hopefully become more involved with my new school

5 years: Be in a good place in my school and be involved in whatever community it is that I am living in while also making time for family and friends


15 Day Blogging Challenge. Day 14.

Day 14: 3 Healthy Habits

1.I always carry a water bottle. This gives me no excuse to not be hydrated at all times. I will fill it up multiple times throughout the day and sip at it the entire day.

2.Purchasing fresh fruit is a must. I love going to the store and picking out the perfect apple or set of bananas. It is so easy to throw into my lunchbox or take it on the go in the morning.

3.Being a vegetarian has a lot to do with this, but I consume a lot of vegetables. I should start preparing fresh vegetables but for now I eat a lot of canned vegetables. Maybe that can be a new goal of mine; start preparing fresh vegetable dishes!



15 Day Blogging Challenge. Day 13.

Day 13: What’s inside your fridge?


Well considering I don’t hardly ever eat at my apartment due to my busy schedule, not much of anything.

I do have my favorite fruit… raspberries.

And in the freezer, I have the small sugar cookie dough that has the spring print on them! (my weakness)



15 Day Blogging Challenge. Day 12.

Day 12: Your Favorite Childhood Book


My favorite book from when I was little was Corduroy. I loved the book and the movie.

I loved it so much that this past year I even purchased a Corduroy bear for myself at Kohls because they had the Kohls Cares bear and book.

Never too old for a new stuffed animal.


15 Day Blogging Challenge. Day 11.

Day 11: 10 Favorite Foods


Cheese pizza.. delicious. Or even Taylor’s fancy concoction of Casey’s breakfast pizza cheese sauce with pickles. Honestly, it is the best thing I have ever eaten. God Bless Taylor for teaching me her odd ways.


Even though I eat this every single Thursday because the child I watch that day has a diet consisting of only spaghetti, I have yet to get tired of it.

3.Peanut Butter and Jelly


4.Mac and Cheese

Who doesn’t love some good ole Kraft mac n cheese?! Add some peas into it and you’re set.

5.Mini Bites Muffins

Ugh, my weakness.

6.Cookie Dough

I am the worst at making cookies because the dough gets eaten first.


I literally eat the entire package in one sitting because I eat them like candy.

8.Ice Cream

Cannot wait to go to NYC and have the Sugar Factory right in our hotel!

Kendall Jenner at the Sugar Factory. This will be me in one week! EEK.

9.Colby Jack Cheese

Just buy a block of this and you’re good.


Any kind at anytime tbh.


… and now I am hungry!

New Hair, Who Dis?

What’s better than a fresh new hairdo? NOTHING.

A few weeks ago I decided to change things up a bit!

I had originally scheduled my appointment for some highlights but ended up with something a little different!

While searching for hair colors online, the majority of the photos I had saved were actually done with balyage. So when I got to my appointment I questioned which I should do and ended up changing to balyage!

The thing about balyage is that they wash your hair and as they have it under the water they actually put the color in right there so they lather it all over your hair and it ends up looking a lot more like a sort of ombré than highlights. It was much easier than highlights and the keep up is affordable and quick!


-Kaitlyn V.

15 Day Blogging Challenge. Day 10.

Day 10: Best Trip of Your Life

Wow oh wow this one is difficult.

I am travel obsessed so I have a lot of trips that I have enjoyed going on!

It is no doubt that DisneyWorld and just Florida in general are my favorite places.

BUT, the best trip of my life would probably be when I traveled to Spain. It was amazing to see a whole new side of the world and how they live. Things are so much different but yet also the same.

Seeing a whole new culture and so many new scenes was breathtaking. We did so much sightseeing and even took part in the culture by attending a bull fight in their capital, Madrid.

I cannot wait to go back someday and see more of Europe!

15 Day Blogging Challenge. Day 9.

Day 9: What’s in your bag/wallet?


For this I will use my backpack because that is what I carry the most!

Currently I have:

  • AMD swatch kit (book filled with 100+ swatches of fabric)
  • Beats Headphones (because what else would I do in the library besides watch Netflix?)
  • My laptop
  • Pencils, Pens, etc. (way too many of them in fact)
  • PINK Advertisements

So basically we have gathered that I am your average college student when it comes to what is in my backpack!


15 Day Blogging Challenge. Day 8.

5 Current Goals:



This class has honestly been the worst class that I have at at Iowa State, even worse than Library 160! 😉

2.Improve my GPA

I took a few harder classes last semester that dropped my GPA a tad and I am hoping to work hard this semester to bring it back to where I had been!

3.Survive my trip to NYC

What happens when you have a mid college crisis? You ask your BFF to take a trip with you to NYC of course!

4.Have my bank account survive my trip to NYC


5.Complete this 30 day challenge in under 60 days

At this rate, it will be a miracle if this happens!

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